Review of T20 Cricket World Cup in 2015

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The ICC cricket T20 World Cup 2015, was a one-day match with all the rules of a one-day international tournament. It was hosted together by Australia and New Zealand. After 1992, it was the second time that the World Cup tournament was held in New Zealand and Australia.

This T20 series was broadcasted by the famous news channels ESPN and star sports. US$2 billion was charged from these channels to get official permission from the International cricket council to broadcast this series. 

The ICC T20 World Cup 2015 was the fifth season of the ICC T20 International cricket. This season of the T20 World Cup was held in Melbourne, from the 14th of February to the 29th of March. The number of matches played in the series was 49, including the semi-finals and the finals.  winners

It was the second time in the history that there were 14 participating teams, ten teams were directly qualified for the tournament and the other four were sent after qualifying for the World T20 qualifier 2015.

The game was organized into two stages. The seven teams were first led to playing and then the  other seven later, and the selected four teams were allowed to play semi-finals. And the two finalists New Zealand and Australia played the finals. 

The tournament had 14 teams similar to the World Cup of the year 2014, it gave a chance and opportunity to the associates and members. 

Martin Starc got the player of the tournament title. Martin Guptill and Trent Boult were known for taking more runs and wickets in the game respectively. 

Trent Boult is a very famous Australian player known for his bowling skills, he has taken a lot of wickets for his team in the whole series. And has performed competitively excellent in the whole series. 

The ICC T20 World Cup 2015 was won by the Australian men’s team. The final match was between New Zealand and Australia, which was held in Melbourne cricket ground, Melbourne. Australia was won by 8 zealand team

This was the fifth victory of the Australian team in the ICC T20 World Cup 2015. 

The total crowd attending the game was 1,016,420, and the daily game average was about 21,175. On the day of the final match, the total number of people gathered was 93,013. The ICC T20 World Cup was watched by over 1.5 billion people.

The most-watched of the series was India VS Pakistan, which was watched by over 1 billion people. The tickets were sold within 12 minutes that they were available.  

In this article, you will know about the ICC T20 World Cup 2015. It was the most-watched series. And was held in New Zealand and Australia. The 2015 series was won by the Australian team and the final match was held on 29 March, in Melbourne. You can get all the detailed information about World Cup 2015 here.

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