Some words about T20 Cricket World Cup in 2020

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T20 2020 Covid

We all know how the year 2020 has gone for all of us. We all have faced or gone through many things in the last year. The reason for all this suffering was Covid19, you can also say that it changed our lives completely for almost a year. We have practiced many things about which we have never thought about that this will happen.

Talking about the sports then almost all the sports got canceled because of this pandemic. The audience and fans were very upset about this, that they will not get to see their favorite sports on television.india team

After all, in almost every country, there was a complete lockdown, so people were expecting that they would get to enjoy their sports while they were sitting at home.

Likewise, the favorite sports series of the audience which is T20 cricket World Cup people wait to watch this series for a complete year. Due to this Pandemic, this World Cup series could not be held as it was scheduled. So, members of IBC planned to postpone this series as the condition of the world was not fine and not adjustable.

So, according to the current circumstances the match was scheduled in October 2021, and it is expected that up to this date all the problems will be over and the matches can be conducted in the normal condition. The major loss is that the audience could not come to the stadium and enjoy the match there.

The second thing is that players will meet each other and contact each other anyhow which can violate the precautionary rule of Covid19, so in order to ignore any kind of risk, the match was postponed instead.

However, in previous year’s T20 match series, it was really interesting to watch every match have been filled with thrillers and unexpected super over, players playing even better than the previous year’s match, and much more.  But this year it was the right decision to postpone the match to look after the safety of people as well as players. 

At the starting of 2020, it was not expected that anything like a pandemic would happen so all the preparation of the match was going on as normal. But when the cases started to increase exponentially all over the world then IBC left with no option but to postpone the match in 2021. Ultimately, it can be said that there was no T20 World Cup cricket in 2020. 

New Zealand teamThose who are cricket fans wait every year for cricket matches, especially for the T20 World Cup.  But unfortunately,  due to the current scenario of covid19 in 2020, it couldn’t be possible for cricket players to play on the pitch or stadium as they used to play in previous years.

So, looking at the circumstances board members of the cricket council decided to postpone the match and to shift it to next year. 

In this article, I have mentioned the T20 World Cup in 2020. I hope you liked this article.

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