About the types of Cricket World Cups

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Indian cricket cup

The game of cricket is played between two teams of eleven players; the game lasts for hours and is broken up into different innings, with each team batting in turn. Teams score points by running between the wickets; they are aided in scoring by fielders who stop balls from crossing their boundary.

There are rules, of course, that govern play, but being an understanding fan does not rely on knowing them all. The best thing to do is remain positive and enjoy the game even if you don’t understand everything.

One of the major tournaments of cricket is the World Cup, which is the trophy that every team wants to take to their home country.ICC champions

The World Cup is not only the biggest but also quite popular, and it has a huge fan base all over the world. Many fans move from one country to another to support their home team. You will find all about how many teams in the cricket World Cup are and which are the best World Cup teams below.

More About Cricket

A cricket team is made up of eleven players. There are three main types of bowlers: fast, medium, and slow. Each bowler bowls a certain type of delivery so that the batsman cannot score runs easily. There are also three main types of batsmen: right-handed, left-handed and a so-called all-rounder who can bat right or left-handed.

Underarm bowling is a type of delivery that allows the bowler to get over the wicket from behind the stumps into the batsman’s line of sight without exposing any part of their body except their hand holding the ball.

Cricket is played on a large, flat grassy surface known as a pitch. At either end of the pitch are wooden structures called wickets. The bowler bowls the ball from one end of the pitch to the other, at which point one of the batsmen strikes it with his bat to score runs.

A batsman can score runs off each delivery he receives, but he is only credited with four runs if the ball hits his wicket directly or hits it into the field and then over the boundary. However, it is only counted as one run if he hits it into the air and then over the boundary.

World Cup

The Cricket World Cup happens after every four years. The first-ever World Cup was held in England in 1975, and since then, the tradition of this tournament has continued. Winning the World Cup is a matter of pride for every cricket team.

This trophy shows the dominance of that particular country over other teams. As in the World Cup, sixteen teams take part, and they are divided into groups.

Then they play league cum knockout fixture to take participate in the semi-finals. The topper team of every group plays the semi-finals. Then the semi-finals winners play the finals of the cricket World Cup.

The most successful team of the World Cup in Australia, winning five World Cup titles. Since the introduction of cricket in the World Cup, they have been great in cricket. They also lead the Ashes test match series with England, which is among the greatest rivalry in cricket.

After Australia, the West Indies and India won the World Cup twice. The most recent World Cup was held in 2019 in England. And England was successful in capturing the World Cup title. It was their first-ever World Cup trophy.

T20 World Cupworld cup

The T20 is the newest format added to cricket to add more fun and thrill to the style of cricket. So it’s been over a decade since the first World Cup was held in 2007 in South Africa. Indian cricket team tremendously won the inaugural World Cup.

Ms Dhoni was the team captain leading to this World Cup trophy. Since then, six more World Cups have been played in fifteen years.  The last World Cup was held in 2021, in which Australia won the trophy by defeating New Zealand in the finals.

Australia and West Indies have been the most successful team of the T20 World Cup. Australia won the World Cup once and has been runner up for one time. Whereas the West Indies have won the World Cup for two teams, making them the greatest team of T20 format.

Cricket has been in the world of sports for more than 200 years. England is considered to be the first official country to play this game. Cricket is also called a Gentlemen’ game because it was associated with the rich people playing it earlier. Also, cricket is one of the reputed and is a game of sportsmanship where players respect their opponents.

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